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This site promotes the use of treadmills to improve quality of life by helping you get in shape, lose weight if necessary and increase your stamina, strengthenergy levels.

Treadmill Benefits

Study after study say they are excellent for your Cardio System plus can build bone density, burn calories and build muscles in your lower body. They will also fire up your metabolism with just 15 minute workouts a couple times a week. Read More


Treadmills are still one of the most popular and widely used pieces of fitness equipment, because they work. Still the top machines found in fitness clubs. These machines don’t go out of style because the technology behind them is sound and always evolving.

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They have a relatively small footprint that can be decreased by the folding option. You can Walk, Run or Jog on a cushioned track bed which helps if you have a bad back or knees. Many exercise routines can be done on a treadmill including running uphill or flat, its all up to you.

They do require balance and concentration while using them, but that can be mastered rather quickly. If you lack coordination of any kind, walking maybe more suitable exercise.


What you need to know before buying a Treadmill

There are two places where you can shop for your treadmills and that is online (Internet) or offline (Retail Store). The Internet has many positive aspects like going to Google or Yahoo and typing in “treadmills” and up will come millions of web pages on treadmills. You will find more information on the Internet then you will ever get offline.


How to Maximize Fat Burning on a Treadmill

If you work out on a treadmill, you’re probably familiar with the treadmill settings that prompt you to select a cardiovascular or fat burning workout. Not surprisingly, some people are confused as to which option to choose.


Treadmill Motors, Belts & Frames

The most expensive part of the treadmill is the motor. These motors can cost up to $500 and more to replace. They are rated by HP (Horsepower) or CHP (Continuous-Duty Horsepower). A 2.0 CHP motor...


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